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What to wear on your VIP Paintball adventure

Every week at paintball centres across the country, players turn up to play paintball in all manner of clothing and costumes, from sensible to silly! What you choose to wear is completely up to you, but to ensure you have the most comfortable day possible we recommend the following.

Our customers frequently ask questions that our staff have been happily answering for years, such as “Do paintballs hurt?” or “Is paintball suitable for children?” (most of these questions can be answered in our FAQ’s) but one question with no definite answer always pops up; “What should I wear for paintball?”

We get many people turn up to play paintball in the height of summer wearing jumpers and jeans in order to protect themselves or wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt on a cold winter morning. Neither one of these customers made the wrong choice in clothing; they wore what they were most comfortable in. There are many factors to consider when deciding what to wear for a day of paintball:

Protection: You will be provided with equipment that provides protection to most parts of your body, however if you feel the need to protect some of the more sensitive areas of your body you may have the option to purchase protective gloves and cricket boxes, depending on the centre you are playing at.

Flexibility: Paintball is a very active sport. Players spend a whole day roaming around, diving behind cover and dodging paintballs – all while being fully decked out in full paintball equipment! When getting ready for a day of paintball, it’s important to wear clothes that won’t restrict your movement yet provide you with the protection and warmth that you require. The most suitable footwear would be a light boot, but old trainers are most commonly worn, enabling you to be quick on your toes.

Body Temperature: Charging around a game zone under fire in full paintballing equipment is guaranteed to get anyone’s blood pumping! We usually advise our customers to wear light clothing but it’s entirely up to you what you choose to wear on the day.

We hope this article can be of use but if you have any other questions about how to prepare for a day of paintball, take a look at our FAQ’s or call our booking office on 1300 361 581. Our friendly booking staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.