You’re a jet-setter! You boarded a plane and flew to the other side of the world. You were chasing a change, an escape from boredom, somewhere where you could work hard but not at the expense of living! After all, that’s what Australia is all about yeah?
Well here’s your opportunity! IPG is the world’s premier and largest paintball group with paintball fields and sales offices
in THREE continents. We’re looking for confident, positive and upbeat guys and girls to join our promotional teams
The sales role is all about taking paintball to the masses through various face-to-face channels. Think massive
adventure and entertainment expos, banging shopping centre campaigns, on-campus university promotions and
summer street sales. Let’s reject the idea of flying to the other side of the world to slave in some boring desk job!
It does not stop there! Before you get stagnant in one city, why not hop around the country with IPG?
We have a sales office in each major capital city meaning you can bunk down in Sydney for Christmas,
hit Melbourne for the New Year, spend Easter in Adelaide, keep warm in Perth through winter and
round out your trip in beautiful Brissie! Then if IPG has done it’s job right, you’ll be knocking down the door
to work with us in Europe and North America, perhaps via New Zealand!
You may have never thought about working in sales. Well, if you back yourself, we want to know you!
Click through the link to register your details. When positions become vacant,
we’ll be in touch! You may be our next big superstar!