Join the team

With new locations about to open up in Canada, South Africa, and the United States, IPG is on a mission to bring the adrenaline-fuelled thrill of paintball to as many people around the world as possible.


As exciting as IPG's global expansion is, even the coolest venues are only shells and the best ventures remain only ideas without people to actually run it, fill it up and make it happen.


That's where you come in! IPG is looking for people to fill various positions at our soon-to-be-operational locations in the above-mentioned countries.


Since employees are what ultimately give the company they work for an identity and a face, we are obviously looking for a very specific kind of person.


IPG's very nature is to provide customers with a fun and exciting adventure. For a few hours, we want them to get so swept up in the fantasy and buzz of the exhilarating and realistic game scenarios that we offer at IPG.


Therefore we are looking for people who are energetic and fun-loving, yet also motivated and dedicated enough to help and inject that bit of magic into the lives of those people who choose to have their paintball experience with IPG.


In return, we not only offer our employees the opportunity to work in a fun environment (possibly even in a different country) for a great salary with awesome people, but there is great opportunity for personal growth and career advancement within the company.


Do you have what it takes? Even if you don't have relevant work experience, do not stress – at IPG we take the time to train our staff, we do not require our new employees to have loads of experience. We certainly don't want to risk losing out on your talent and skill simply because your C.V. isn't bulky enough yet!