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Perth, WA Paintball Value Audit

From time to time, International Paintball Group will review its prices and compare the value and experience offered by its centres in relation to the local market. This month, the spotlight is on Perth, WA.

Although price is the primary factor in this comparison, it is important to mention that quality of equipment, quality of game scenarios (or maps) and professional standards should all form part of your decision to select a venue. International Paintball Group uses these factors as well as price to determine whom we partner with, to ensure that we can be proud of the product we take to market.

IPG Stall

When comparing the other local paintball providers in Perth, we are pleased to announce that International Paintball Group ranked extremely well in all categories. This is an exceptional result and further testament to the value IPG offers its customers.

Click below to see the results from the Price Review.


It is also worth noting that when you take the quality of equipment, quality of game zones (or maps) and professional standards in to consideration, International Paintball Group streaks further ahead and are clearly the venues of choice. There are also many benefits to allowing International Paintball Group arrange your next paintball adventure. Click HERE to discover why you should book Paintball with IPG.

So to take advantage of this amazing value! Book online, visit our many stalls at popular shopping centres and trade shows and be reassured you get great value with the International Paintball Group experience.