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Paintball shops and base camps

All IPG-approved paintball centres offer customers the opportunity to purchase supplies from their paintball shops on the day of your event. This ensures that you never run dry in the heat of battle and so that you can be topped up with food and fluids throughout your paintball adventure, ensuring you don’t run out of energy.

The base camp will be your headquarters for the day and are usually themed to add to the paintball experience. This is where you will collect your paintball equipment from, listen to the safety briefing and return to after each game zone is played.

Whether you need to relax from the heat of battle, or are waiting around for your troops to come back from combat, you can wait in comfort in the safe, comfortable and well-equipped base camps. Complete with picnic tables, it is also where you can enjoy your lunch and celebrate that special persons birthday.

In addition to purchasing additional paintball supplies, at most centres around the country you will also be able to purchase energy drinks, soft drinks, chips, chocolate bars and gloves to protect your hands when out in combat.

Most base camps also have lockers available (for a nominal hire charge) for the safe storage of car keys, mobile phones, wallets, jackets, paintballs and so on, however please check with the event coordinator when booking your event.

For further information about the facilities available at your local paintball centre please contact us today on 1300 361 581.