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Paintball – One of the fastest growing sports in the world

Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports, not only in Australia, but the world. The popularity of the fast-paced action-packed sport has dramatically increased over the last decade as the equipment and facilities have meant it is safer and more enjoyable to play, opening the sport to a whole new market.

The professional side of paintball is also being televised and shown all around the world, generating greater interest in the sport. Whether you are a professional player or just a weekend warrior, IPG has got the field for you. Come and experience an IPG paintball adventure.

All IPG-approved paintball centres are top of the range and will offer you the ultimate paintball adventure. The great thing about the sport is that people of all fitness levels and sporting ability play it.

No matter what language you speak, when you’re out on the paintball field it all comes down to strategy, and hand signals are key. In order to capture the flag or rescue the downed pilot, ensure you communicate with your teammates to signal your next move.

Not only have the standard of the game zones improved, but the paintball equipment used at centres has also seen a massive leap in quality. On your paintball adventure you will receive all of the essentials needed for battle.

Be it for a buck’s/hen’s party, corporate event, birthday party or just a day out with your mates, we’re sure your skirmish adventure will be one to remember.

So join the long list of satisfied IPG customers and see what all of the hype is about.

Book your next paintball mission with IPG. Call now on 1300 361 581.