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MiniBall in Victoria and ACT – Teenagers Now Experience the Adrenalin

MiniBall arrives in Melbourne and Canberra

After much negotiating with the powers that be, International Paintball Group is excited to announce that children between the ages of 8 years and 17 years can now enjoy the thrill of Paintball in this modified version called MiniBall. This variation to the classic sport of Paintball is offered exclusively by Delta Force Paintball in Victoria and Canberra, and will allow teenagers to enjoy the thrill of this adrenalin-pumping sport for the first time. Miniball will surely revolutionise participation in the sport.

Miniball Kids

MiniBall Set To Expand Throughout Australia

The exciting variation to Paintball is offered exclusively by Delta Force Paintball and is first available in Melbourne and Canberra with negotations in place to expand the offering to other Delta Force Paintball centres in Sydney and Brisbane. Miniball will facilitate the introduction of younger generations to the amazing sport of Paintball.

Delta Force Paintball venues in Wester Australia and South Australia won’t be offering the MiniBall variation as regulations allow children as young as 10 years of age to participate in Paintball in these states. The Australasian Paintball Association is still in discussions with state authorities to have Paintball permitted for children as young as 10 years.

Be Among the First To Experience MiniBall

MiniBall is great for children’s birthdy parties, sporting break-ups and school holiday fun. Get your children together, get the dads involved too and put the family to the ultimate test of stretegy and adrenalin. Get the kids offf the Playstation and X-Box and get them out running around enjoying the great outdoor venues found at Delta Force Paintball. Many a family fued has been settled onthe MiniBall battlefield and it is sure to be a day to remember!

For more information on MiniBall or to make a booking, please check out or call 1300 853 108.