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First 300 Paintballs


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500 paintballs + all gear for $85 (Sunday only)

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Paintball Wallan

Paintball Wallan is one of the largest bush venues in Victoria! With fields spread across 250 acres of bushland there are plenty of places to hide for that perfect ambush and something suitable for all strategies of play. Paintball Wallan is great for buck’s and hen’s parties, sporting clubs, corporate events, birthdays or just for you and a bunch of mates.

We only uses semi-automatic markers so you can mow down multiple opponents without the delay of the old pump action weapons. All players are provided with safety rated goggles and camouflage overalls on the day. Gloves and cricket boxes are also available for purchase for further protection. What are you waiting for, come out and shoot your friends today!

Call us on 1300 361 581.