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8 for miniBall

Lunch Incl.

no Lunch & facilities avail.

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First 100 Miniballs


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Open Hours

Mon - Sun: 9am to 4pm
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Paintball Melbourne – Dingley

For a day out you’ll truly remember it has to be a day at Paintball Melbourne. Complete with movie-set game zones and the very best equipment, Dingley offers VIP customers the ultimate paintball adventure.

From when you first enter the base camp to the last shot fired, you’ll be amazed at the facilities, professionalism and game scenarios on offer.

With every player being issued full head helmets that cover the entire head and face, body armour issued to all players free of charge and camouflage overalls that incorporate a padded neck protector, you can be sure your friends, family, co-workers or guests are treated to a great day out without the unnecessary pain.

Two massive USAF aircraft, a pyramid and a Wild West town are just some of the unique props on site. Come and visit Paintball Melbourne for your shot at paintball heroism. Whether you bring a massive group or just a few friends, we’re sure you’ll have an absolute blast on these world-class game zones.

Only a 30 minute drive from Melbourne CBD and with plenty of public transport options, Paintball Melbourne is easily accessible meaning less travel time and more paintballing.

Call us on 1300 361 581.