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Paintball Concord

Paintball Concord is the largest indoor paintball centre in Sydney. Hit your target and avoid the computers and office equipment as police work their way in from the police cars on the street, past the park benches and work their way through the front doors.

Try our urban warfare field as you clear each house and work up the street to defeat the Guerrilla warriors. With the street built up with houses, cars, fences and other obstacles you will need to work with your team to make the most of the difficult terrain.

You can also get things going in the only Indoor Sup’Air Tournament field in Sydney while you sprint and slide around the obstacles.

Only 15 minutes from the centre of Sydney and¬†2 minutes from Olympic Park,¬†Paintball Concord caters to groups of all shapes and sizes, birthday parties, buck’s and hen’s and many more. This is indoor paintball at its very best.