Paintball Ballan

Paintball BallanĀ is one of the original paintball fields in Victoria. Set on 80 acres and established in 1993, it is only 1 hour from the center of Melbourne on the Western Highway towards Daylesford.

20 minutes from Bacchus Marsh & Ballarat.

40 minutes from the Western suburbs (Footscray, Sunshine, Taylors Lakes, Sunbury, Melton etc).


With an urban setting and variety of gametypes, Village is one of the most requested fields to play on. Amid over 20 huts and barricades, there’s no shortage of games to play. Try everything from a game of capture the flag with commanders to something as simple as team elimination.

Single Fort

This field contains a large, well built fort with loads of cover for the defenders. Numerous tri-barricades provide just some of the protection for the attacking team. The defenders start at the fort and must hold off against the onslaught of attackers. To increase the tension, the attackers have multiple lives letting them attack again and again in an attempt to overwhelm the defenders!

Call us on 1300 361 581.

Min Age


First 200 Paintballs


Additional 100 Paintballs


Bulk Paintballs

$70 for 400 ($17.50/100)

$160 for 1000 ($16/100)

Lunch Included


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