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International Paintball Group Applauds Age Drop in Victoria

International Paintball Group (IPG), in conjunction with the Australasian Paintball Association, have been on the forefront of campaigning for a paintball age drop in Victoria over the last three years. Persistence and common sense has prevailed with legislative changes being passed by the State Government recently.


Changes to the Firearms Act have opened the door for persons from age 16 years to operate a paintball marker in Victoria from September 1, 2015. The previous age restriction of 18 years is well in excess of the rest of the world where paintball markers are predominantly classed as toys and age limits are from 10 years.

IPG is expecting to be inundated with fresh players enthusiastic to experience the thrill and adventure of paintball. National Sales Manager, Jason Stuart is excited by the breakthrough: “We are constantly approached by eager teenagers who know that other Australian states allow paintball for younger ages. It is disappointing for them to miss out so we are looking forward to accommodating them from September 1.”

“The success we have seen since introducing MiniBall to Victoria in 2013 has shown that the public want this change. We are looking forward to a new era of paintball in Victoria.”

The 100% safety record of IPG was a primary factor in having the paintball age limit reduced. “Our safety standards and procedures are second to none. We offer a fun and exhilarating paintball experience, in a safe and inclusive environment. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Paintball will be available for ages 16 years and over from September 1, 2015. For further information contact International Paintball Group.