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Be one of the first to experience the new generation of Brisbane Paintball super centres!

Nestled in this amazing natural setting, Delta Force Paintball – Petrie is the latest in Paintball super centres. As its eighth centre in Australia, Delta Force Paintball has taken the adrenalin experience to the next level including some amazing scenery, fantastic staff and world class scenarios. These scenarios include a giant stone pyramid with cavernous tunnels, haunted zombie graveyards, heavily-defended prison camps and their signature map…. The world’s only full scale blackhawk helicopter model in the scrub surrounded by tanks, ammo crates and fantastic terrain. Will you be able to save the downed  aircrew in “Blackhawk Down”.

Brisbane Paintball - Blackhawk Down

Delta Force Paintball – Petrie has really taken Brisbane Paintball to a new level. The paintball equipment on offer is first class and includes full head protection, body armour issued as standard and padded collars integrated in to all camouflage overalls. With experienced staff and a 24 year history delivering safe and enjoyable Paintball games, Delta Force Paintball will once again show why they are the trusted name in Paintball games and the new benchmark for Brisbane Paintball.

The Brisbane Paintball industry has not had a new outdoor facility in some 15 years and Delta Force Paintball are breaking the drought with a bang! The 30 acre facility will cater for all experience levels and the experienced staff can cater for the beginner right up to the scenario expert. Keep an eye out for some planned scenario days where you can take the realism even further.

Delta Force Paintball – Petrie is located just off Dayboro Road. It is a short, relaxing drive from Brisbane CBD, the northern suburbs or the Sunshine Coast. Be sure to get your friends together now and experience the best that Paintball has to offer with this amazing new venue.

Call us on 1300 361 581.

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First 100 Paintballs


Additional 100 Paintballs


Bulk Paintballs

$95 for 500

$180 for 1000

$300 for 2000

Lunch Included


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