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Blackhawk Is A World First at Brisbane Paintball Centre

Blackhawk Gets People Talking

The recent transport of Delta Force Paintball’s next generation Paintball Blackhawk prop contiues to make headlines around Australia. The 17m Blackhawk Helicopter Full Scale Replica was shipped to the soon-to-open Brisbane Paintball Theme Park and has received lots of interest from the media and Paintball players alike.

Managing Director of Delta Force Paintball, Mr Leon Bubenicek, commented on the amazing response received for the new full-scale Blackhawk helicopter. “The media coverage and general public awareness of this replica Blackhawk has been tremendous!. Television and newspaper interest has been fantastic! We received a number of mentions on local radio station traffic reports on the morning it made its way through the inner city suburbs of Brisbane. Social media has also had many people uploading photos of the Blackhawk as it made its way across the Gateway and Storey Bridges in peak hour!”

When asked what else he had in mind to top this amazing prop, Mr Bubenicek commented, “You’ll have to just wait and see! There are planty more Paintball scenarios in the pipeline!”

Blackhawk News Story

More Exciting Props at the New Brisbane Venue

Other amazing scenarios to be developed at Brisbane’s newest Paintball super park include the Giant Stone Pyramids, Viet Cong Prison Camp and the haunted Zombie Graveyard. All of these move-set game zones add to the experience and such quality cannot be found at any other Paintball centre in Queesnalnd. Delta Force Paintball operates 35 other Paintball centres around the world and more details on these popular venues can be found at

IPG customers should keep in contact regarding this opening as there will be specials and priority bookings available to this amazing new venue…. It’s the first new outdoor venue in Brisbane in almost 15 years! Stay tuned for more information on this amazing new centre in Brisbane!