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Bodyline Tactics see NSW Blues Cricket Team “all-out” at Delta Force Paintball

Last Friday the 22nd of June, Delta Force Appin was proud to host some very special guests… the NSW Speedblitz Blues!  Conditions on the pitch were extremely pleasant with the lads deciding to play rookies vs. oldies. The first scenario was ‘Resident Evil’, and after winning the toss the oldies decided to go in to bat: as the bloodthirsty zombies in the first epic paintball showdown!

NSW SpeedBlitz Blues

Things escalated in the Tomb Raider scenario with Bollinger copping a bouncer mid-on, but the marshalls declaring it to be a no-ball. The players stopped for tea (a delicious Dominos pizza lunch) and realised they had already gone through their allocated paintballs! Obviously more of a 20/20 game than a test match on the field of battle.

Taking Aim  A Watchful Eye  SpeedBlitz Blues at Delta Force Paintball

We were proud to receive from acting captain Stephen O’Keefe, a signed bat from all of the players which we will display with pride at the centre –  True Gentlemen of the game. Thanks to the Blues for being such good sports and we look forward to welcoming you back real soon!

Doug Bollinger   Kitting Up